What is the maximum number of people the hall can hold?

Hall Rental seating capacity is 180. Max. capacity for hall is 225.

What is included in your kitchen that is available to renters to use?

Coffee urns, cups, bowls, cutlery and plates (100 table settings)

All other meal prep dishware is the responsibility of the renter.

Does the hall have its own caterer?

Not at this time.

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes, as long as a liquor license has been purchased and is displayed in the Bar area during your event? You must also inform the Hall Booker if you are going to have alcohol at your event. There is extra insurance (PAL insurance) that you are required to purchase and provide a copy to the Hall Booker prior to your event.

Is the water drinkable at your hall?

Yes, our cistern is filled with city water.

Does the hall allow smoking?

No, there is no smoking in the hall. We have a designated smoking area outside with safe disposal bin for cigarettes.

Do you have a sound system?

Not at this time. We do have a stage with power available to hook up a mic and speakers.

What is the latest we can stay at the hall?

The hall has to be vacated by 2am, in accordance to the regulations.

Can we hang decorations at our event?

Yes, however no nails and no staples can be used.

Can we camp overnight at the hall?

Yes, in RVs or tents set up in designated area only. There is no camping or sleeping inside the hall. We have plenty of RV parking available.

Is there a Fire Pit?

Yes. A Parkland County Fire Permit is required. A copy must be provided to the Hall Booker prior to event.