Kips Gymnastics

October 17, 2016 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Holborn Hall
Range Rd 13
Carvel, AB T0E 0H0
Manon Turcotte

Kips Gymnastics

Our Mission Statement

As a member of the community it is our goal to ensure that every child is able to participate in gymnastics in a fun and recreational environment. The club will do its due diligence to make sure every opportunity is given to every child.

Our Program

Welcome to the online home of Kips Gymnastics Club!! Kips is a non-profit community based recreational gymnastics program serving in the tri-municipal area of Parkland County, Stony Plain, and Spruce Grove, Alberta. We are a member of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) and follow the Can-Gym badge program. Our goal is to provide an environment where community members can come together, have fun, exercise, and learn new skills. We also want to teach new skills and provide opportunities to the gymnasts of our community that they might not be able to get elsewhere in our community.

Kips offers several programs in two sessions each year; a Fall session from September to December, and a Winter Session from January to March. A Can-Gym based badge program is offered in both sessions, along with Yoganastics, a Yoga program focused on gymnastic skill requirements, and an Acro program. A Recreation Competition program is also offered in the Winter session for gymnasts who wish to participate in Fun Meet competitions. At Fun Meet competitions gymnasts’ skills are judged against the requirements of their Can-Gym Badge Level and prizes are awarded according to how they performed for their level.

Kips has been operating out of various facilities since 1989 and is currently operating out of Holborn hall in Parkland County, Alberta. We are a “Setup and Take-Down” club, which means that we setup and take down our equipment to accommodate other functions in the hall. Setup or take-down usually takes the assigned families about a half hour and this, along with keeping the hall clean, are our only volunteer requirements. Kips has no fund raising requirements. We work hard to keep registration costs and time commitments low so every child can join our club and experience the great sport of gymnastics.

Kips has certified coaches and top of the line equipment. We have accessed grants over the last few years in order to keep our equipment current, well maintained, and up-to-date. We have a full set of uneven bars, a trampoline, a full height beam, as well as low beam and several brianna beams, a set of parallel bars, a 9′ spring air floor, full set of vault blocks, and an inflatable fitness wheel.

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